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My husband was sold up the river on a time share promotion by a company called GTL Marketing. He was snatched up by one of their sales reps at a local festical and given a very professinally done folder of information about "The Grand Lodge at Peak 7" in Breckenridge, Co. The sales rep told him that for a $99 deposit we could stay 2 night at the prestigious lodge and that as long as we attended a 90 minute presentation about Timeshares on the property, we would receive our $99 deposit back, this making it a FREE 2 night stay at this fabulous lodge in beautiful Breckenridge, Co.

My husband initialed all the papework while the sales rep continued to make small talk with him about the awesome lodge we were about to stay in. The last thing he mentioned to my husband was that if we needed to cancel for any reason, we only had 72 hours to do it.

About 96 hours later, my account had been charged $99 and I received a letter in the mail confirming my stay at "The Breck Inn". I immediately knew we'd been taken for fools and got online to find out if this was onl the property of the Grand Lodge site or if it was a flea bag motel.

Well, it wasn't quite a flea bag motel but it's on a busy highway and has several BAD reviews - some that even reference the Grand Lodge scam. I then decided to read through all of the fine print that we had received and sure enough, we were sold the Breck Inn from the start and just didn't know it.

The main form that my husband signed even said "Grand Lodge Reservation Form" at the top but ab out half way down a little box had been checked next to "The Breck Inn". Another paper we had explained cancellation and data change policies in detail - pretty boring stuff. No wonder I didn't read all the way to the bottom of the page where it said that I would be recieving the exact location of my lodging in the mail.

So we decided not to go and waive the $99 we'd lost since it would cost us that much to go up there and back just to get the money. But then another $99 charge appeared on my account!! When I called they stated that because we didn't show up at the 90 minute presentation (which, by the way is also not at the Grand Lodge) that I had to pay the price of the promotional package which happens to be $99 in addition to what I had already paid and lost!

The paperwork does tell you this but it makes it seem like the deposit you have already paid is the price of the promotional package (which it is) and that paying it would basically be the same thing as forfeiting it by not showing up!!

Of course they refused to refund any portion of this money and had absolutely no sympathy for me. They stuck by their policies and their evil ways but they still wanted me to come to one of their timeshare spiels - unbelievable. These guys are sleazeballs.

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